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In order to provide a better experience for you at the doctor’s office, Dr. Charles Marable founded the first concierge medical practice in Tennessee, known as Marable Personal Healthcare (MPH).


At MPH, I am passionate about preserving the vital patient-physician relationship.  

I accomplish this by:


  • Taking time with you.  I know that time is the most important tool I have for helping you reach you health goals.

  • Limiting the size of my practice so you have direct access to me.

  • Eliminating waiting rooms and automated phone systems.

  • Access to me directly by phone, text, and email.

  • Appointments usually available the same day you need one.

  • Visits that start at your appointment time.

  • Caring for you myself rather than by an assistant or nurse.

  • House calls and virtual visits when appropriate.


At MPH, I provide:


  • Executive physicals – and plans to help you reach your personal health goal.

  • Care for all ages.

  • Primary Care Services – for things like sinus infections, flu, stitches, rashes, warts, injuries, back pain.

  • Preventive Care – like avoiding heart attack and stroke, age appropriate screening tests, immunization counseling, understanding impact of family medical history on your health.

  • Disease Management – like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, asthma, and arthritis.

  • Convenience and savings for you by reducing need for specialists, hospitalization, and urgent care clinics (I am your urgent care doctor).

  • Specialist referral coordination when needed – I quarterback your care.  I’ve curated a network of specialists and help find just the right one for you.

  • Navigation of the complex health care system on your behalf (I can open doors for you).

You are invited to schedule a no-cost interview to see if Marable Personal Healthcare is right for you.

about your doctor

Charles is a Family Physician who graduated from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in 1991 and completed a residency in Family Medicine at Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach, Florida. After 5 years of practicing in Little Rock, Arkansas he moved to Franklin, Tennessee in 1999.

Past and current interests include:

  • Father of four

  • Running, cycling, triathlons

  • Medical relief work in Haiti and Nigeria

  • Served as a staff physician at Daytona International Speedway for 10 years

Dr. Charles Marable
success stories


“When I need an office visit, he sees me on time.  He doesn’t need a waiting room.  If I need to see a specialist, he coordinates that efficiently. Dr.Marable

quarterbacks my care.  That’s why I call him Peyton.” 


—  Jack H., patient since 2010

frequently asked questions

Q:  How is Marable Personal Healthcare (MPH) different than a traditional medical practice?

A:  MPH is an innovative type of medical practice design, sometimes referred to as a concierge practice. This model of practice started in Seattle in 1996 and has been gaining ground since the rise of “patient-financed” healthcare (HSAs, etc). MPH is the first of its kind in Tennessee. The size of the practice is limited, translating into a higher level of service and attention for each member. Dr. Marable calls it "Sublime Care".

Q:  Who would benefit from MPH?

A:  MPH is ideal for artists who prefer a discrete setting for their healthcare service. Busy executives appreciate the availability, prompt attention, and efficient service. Mothers of small children can avoid crowded waiting rooms and reduce risk of exposing children to ill patients. People with significant health issues can have a physician with time to thoroughly evaluate all their concerns. MPH is also an option for the self-employed or self-insured person (with an HSA) looking for good service and value with their healthcare dollars.

Q:  What about insurance?

A:  Our practice does not bill any commercial or government insurance plans. MPH fees cover only the services Dr. Marable provides. We recommend our members have insurance coverage for services and care not provided by Dr. Marable.

Q:  Can I submit charges to my health insurance company for reimbursement?

A:  Your insurance company or HSA may reimburse some fees. Contact your insurance provider or human resource department regarding your specific situation.

Q:  What hospitals do you have privileges with?

A:  Dr. Marable is affiliated with Williamson Medical Center. However, should a member of MPH require hospitalization at any area hospital, Dr. Marable will make daily visits as necessary and serve as an advocate for your care.

Q:  What if I need to see a specialist?

A:  Dr. Marable can help you decide what specialists to see and can coordinate such consultations. In this way the most appropriate resource is used, the earliest arrangements are made, and your applicable medical information is sent in advance of your specialist visit.

Q:  What about x-ray, lab, and hospital costs?

A:  All services provided by facilities other than MPH will be billed to your health insurance by those facilities.

Q:  Who covers for you when you are not available?

A:  Even when Dr. Marable is out of town he will generally remain available by phone. For practical reasons, he must reserve the right to designate another qualified physician to perform any and all services, should the occasional need arise.

Q:  What if I become ill while traveling?

A:  Seek emergency room care if warranted otherwise call Dr. Marable. Except for a few medications, most prescriptions can be ordered anywhere in the country. If you should require hospitalization while away, at your request, Dr. Marable will establish daily phone communication with you and your attending physician to ensure continuity of care.


Marable Personal Healthcare, PLLC

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Suite 702A

Franklin, TN 37067

Tel: 615.771.8181

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